In the production process, highly advanced technical production lines are utilized, fast and highly efficient, controlled automatically and continuously upgraded.

Thanks to these capabilities, Fabicholz currently has the capacity to process 1,000 cubic meters of timber per month. This translates to a total of 12,000 cubic meters of material annually. This is made possible by the latest computer-programmed planing technology.

The finished product is created in 3 stages.


Sorting rough timber before planing. A two-stage sorting process by skilled workers enables achieving the quality of the finished product according to individual customer requirements, ultimately ensuring product quality assurance.


Giving the timber its final profile according to customer needs on a multi-spindle planer. High spindle speeds (12,000 RPM) allow for achieving an impeccably smooth surface. The finished product does not require further sanding.


Receiving the finished profile and subsequent re-sorting, moisture control, and dimensional inspection of the final product.
Download File:

Data Sheet for Cladding Grade AB

European Larch Data Sheet.

Before deciding on the material for your deck, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the properties of European Larch timber.

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