About Us

We are a manufacturer of a wide range of boards from Scandinavian spruce and larch, both domestic and Siberian.

Producing a wide range of boards from Scandinavian spruce and larch, both domestic and Siberian, provides us with great flexibility and the ability to adapt to various customer needs. Both wood species have their unique characteristics and applications, allowing us to meet diverse market demands.

Profiled wood – We produce profiled wood for both indoor and outdoor use. In the production process, we only use high-quality wood from trusted suppliers. The quality of the raw material is tailored to the individual requirements of the order.

Close to 20 years of experience in the timber industry.

Over the years, we have gained not only practical knowledge but also a deeper understanding of the timber industry, its trends, and challenges. This enables us to make better business decisions and effectively respond to changing market conditions.


Long-standing experience and family tradition have contributed to building customer trust. With the current focus of the company’s activities on production, we have been operating for almost 20 years, but the family tradition associated with the timber industry dates back much further.

The rich heritage in the timber industry provides a solid foundation for our company and is key to further success and development. We appreciate and nurture this tradition while adapting to changing market and technological conditions.

Production facilities

Our experience and solid production facilities, which are regularly modernized, enable us to extract the qualities of wood as a raw material for years.

Annual lumber production:
5000 m3
2000 m3